Answers to commonly asked technical questions about TrustCommerce solutions and functionality

Q: How do I set up a test account?

A: The fastest way to set up a test account is to click the “Free Trial” link on our site and complete the request form. One of our Solutions Consultants will contact you to complete the process. Alternatively, you can call 800.915.1680 ext. 2.

Q: Where can I get an SDK for your API?

A: All of our API documentation is available for download from our TC Vault.

Q: What programming languages do you support?

A: We support virtually all programming languages through our TC Link API; however, your code must be able to perform the functions detailed in TC Link. Some of the languages we support include: PHP, Ruby, Java, Java-CFX, Python, EJB, Perl, C, C++, and any Win32/.NET language.

Q: Does TrustCommerce provide any sample code for implementation?

A: Yes, you will find many code samples in the download section once you login to the TC Vault site. You will need a username (referred to as CustID) and password to access the TC Vault, click here to set up a test account.

Q: What shopping carts does TrustCommerce work with?

A: TrustCommerce is integrated with many of the leading shopping carts. To see a current list of shopping cart partners, click here. If you do not see your preferred shopping cart, let us know.

Q: How do I certify my shopping cart or software with TrustCommerce?

A: To certify your shopping cart and become a TrustCommerce partner, click here to Contact Us. A member of our Partner team will contact you within one business day.

Q: Does TrustCommerce support batch processing?

A: Yes! You can submit batch files to TrustCommerce for processing.

Q: Can I use custom fields to further define transaction items?

A: Yes! TrustCommerce has a Custom Field option that allows merchants to add an unlimited number of custom fields to their processing. Custom fields will appear on the Virtual Terminal page and will be added as a parameter through TC Link. All custom fields also appear in all transaction reports for easy transaction matching.

Q: Does TrustCommerce support AVS?

A: Yes! This fraud tool is standard and available with all TrustCommerce processing products. If an address and/or ZIP code are included with the transaction, TrustCommerce will submit the full transaction information for processing.

Q: Does TrustCommerce support CVV/CVV2/CID?

A: Yes! Like AVS, this fraud tool is standard and available with all TrustCommerce processing products. If the CVV/CVV2/CID is included with the transaction, TrustCommerce will pass it on to the processing networks for proper handling.

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