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Q: How quickly can I begin accepting payments once I sign up with TrustCommerce?

A: You can be up and running in as little as 24 hours, if you already have a merchant account established with a bank. For those that require customization or have a more complex environment, the timeframe can increase. If you do not have a merchant account, TrustCommerce can recommend one of our many banking partners to assist you.

Q: Do TrustCommerce solutions work in an enterprise environment?

A: Yes, many Fortune 1000 companies use the TC Enterprise Vault, a PCI-compliant payment application designed to enable users to utilize TC Vault across multiple locations, different departments, or with multiple users. Additionally, it supplies users with advanced reporting capabilities, the ability to assign unique User IDs, and define specific access control levels to individual users.

Q: Can TrustCommerce provide me with a merchant account?

A: The benefit of working with TrustCommerce is that you can preserve your existing merchant banking relationship. If you require a new merchant account, TrustCommerce can recommend one of our many banking partners to assist you.

Q: Does TrustCommerce integrate with my Point of Sale (POS) system?

A: TrustCommerce has a large API library and can integrate with most POS systems.

Q: How do I know my customer’s transaction data is secure?

A: TrustCommerce is a PCI DSS compliant organization, and additionally applies the highest security standards in the industry. As part of PCI Compliance, TrustCommerce is required to undergo yearly third-party audits and be certified by the card associations.

The PCI DSS is a security standard that includes requirements for security management, policies, procedures, network architecture, software design and other critical protective measures. This standard was developed to help organizations proactively protect customer account data.

Q: Is TrustCommerce PCI compliant? How?

A: Yes! TrustCommerce is PCI DSS certified and adheres to all applicable industry requirements and best practices, including the PCI data security standards for service providers and applications. The TrustCommerce data centers are Type II SAS 70 certified. TrustCommerce has implemented intrusion prevention, detection, and containment above and beyond the industry standard.

Q: I have an online store and must manage SSL Certificates every year to protect my customer’s credit card data when they make a payment online. Is there anything TrustCommerce can do to help me or remove this responsibility from my shoulders?

A: Our two primary products that address this need are TC Trustee Host and TC Payment Portal.

The TC Trustee Host is a customizable and PCI compliant hosted payment page designed to seamlessly integrate into the checkout process of a merchant’s shopping cart, payment page, or other online payment system. It supports credit cards, debit cards, ACH, and other types of payment. Because the merchant does not have access to sensitive cardholder data, using this solution greatly reduces costly and complex certifications and audits. TrustCommerce also offers a transparent web application pass through solution. Customers never leave the merchant’s web site. Once payment is submitted, it goes directly to TrustCommerce for secure processing.

TC Payment Portal makes it easy, affordable and convenient for merchants of any size to offer online payment options to their customers. Allowing integration support for customer bill presentment, users can securely log into a website and have immediate access to their account information.

From a single login, customers can initiate real time payments or easily setup a recurring payment cycle using credit cards, online debit cards, and ACH for all of their enrolled accounts.

Customer reporting is also available for all payment history information, and merchants can define customized notifications notifying customers of important updates, information or news items. TC Payment Portal is a complete, secure, and compliant solution for all customer online payment needs.

Q: What do I need to get an account and start processing payments?

A: In order to start processing payments with TrustCommerce, you will need a merchant account, possibly a shopping cart or POS System, and a signed agreement with TrustCommerce.

Once an account is set up, TrustCommerce will contact you and provide a Customer ID (CustID) and password and instructions on how to make the account live. For reference, user guides and other documentation are all available in the test account that TrustCommerce provides.

TrustCommerce takes great pride in their excellent customer service. Working with TrustCommerce, you can expect around-the-clock, live, courteous, and professional support.

Q: I already have a merchant bank, are you compatible with my provider?

A: TrustCommerce can work with virtually any US merchant bank provider.

Q. I am having trouble logging into the TC Vault, how do I reset my password?

A: For your convenience, TrustCommerce provides a “Forgot Password” link on the TC Vault login page. Simply enter your Customer ID and your e-mail address and we will email you a temporary password. If you are still having trouble, please contact Customer Support at: 800.915.1680 ext. 3.

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