Payment Tokenization

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Payment Tokenization

Use Tokens For Stored Payment Data

Here’s how it works:

Data tokenization replaces cardholder data with a unique identifier known as a token. This allows you to safely and securely process customer payments, without storing sensitive payment information on your servers.

Once a payment token or Billing ID has been created, your customers’ data is stored in the TrustCommerce PCI-compliant data storage facility — safely out of your environment. If intercepted, the data contains no cardholder information, rendering it useless.

It is easy to set up repetitive billing cycles—with or without a known end date. Payment tokenization is an ideal tool for subscription payment processing, accepting recurring donations, and more.

Learn how it helps:

  • Improved on-time payment
  • Reduced late fees
  • Customer convenience to improve satisfaction

Available with all
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Online, mobile, touchless kiosk, in-person and integrated with third-party solutions.


Complete Token Management Solution

Full-service solution lets you create, store, update and remove tokens with ease.

Multi-use token solution across locations

Account updater keeps tokens up to date.

Unstore removes tokens that are no longer needed.

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